Aunt Trudel's Treasures

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Aunt Trudel is having a deal in her junk shop, one lucky shopper gets their basket of goodies for free! To win, a player must have items in their basket that weigh less than what Aunt Trudel has set aside but more than what the other customers have in theirs. Through a mixture of clever observation, estimation, testing, and a little luck, one player can walk away with some really great junk!
Aunt Trudel's Junk features: a large standup of Aunt Trudel that is a working scale used for measuring and comparing items, 25 unique wooden rummage objects, shopping baskets, coupons, and a game board made up of a 5x5 square array representing the store. To get ready, players take three random objects and set them aside as Trudel's rummage. The rest of the items and the three coupons are placed on separate spots in the store.
Play starts with each players taking turns rolling the die and moving their basket from row to row along the edge of the board, wrapping around the corners when necessary. After moving, a player has a few options available. They can take an object in the adjacent row and place it in their basket, they can swap an item with another item from the adjacent row, they can use a coupon to take a second item, they can compare their basket with Aunt Trudel's rummage items or even switch items with another player if they are in the same row.
Players move forward or backwards through the store, trying to get the right balance of items in their basket. But once any of the players exit the shop by traveling all the way around the edge of the board, the rest of the players can only move forward and out of the store. This allows for players to press their luck, trying to get their basket as close as possible and then make a dash for the door before one of the other players do it first. When all of the players have left the store, the students weigh their items, comparing them with Aunt Trudel's rummage. The player whose items weigh the closest to Aunt Trudel's without going over wins!
Aunt Trudel's Junk gives students a playful environment to explore weight as a property of matter, comparing and measuring items. During the course of the game, students will quickly learn that size does not always equate to weight as the volume of items can be deceiving. The games works so well because it deftly balances easy play mechanisms with some of the building blocks of mathematic measurement and comparison. For variety, other objects beyond those included in the game can be used as well.