Word on the Street

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Word on the Street is a linguistic tug of war in which teams are trying to claim letters from the board by dragging them to their side of the the street. But careful, because the other team will be trying to pull them back. Through quick thinking and strategic vocabulary choices, one team will triumph and be king of the block.
Word on the Street is played on a board featuring a four lane street with a median running down the middle, splitting the road into two lanes on each team's side. At the beginning of the game, the median is filled with most of the letters of the alphabet, the vowels and some of the harder to use letters are not included. On their turn, a team is given a category and has 30 seconds to agree upon a word and spell that word out by sliding the letters in play towards them. If the team is able to move a letter off of the board, it's captured and removed from play. The first team to capture eight letters wins the game.
Word on the Street's charm is found in the strategic choice of words players select as they try to capture letters or save them from being captured. Just as teams can drag letters towards their side of the street, so can their opponents pull them back towards their own. This encourages students to work through their vocabulary as they try to find the right word based on the current state of the game. While chocolate may be the first Type of Cake that pops to mind, perhaps vanilla will help pull the L back from the brink of capture.