GenCon 2015

As a former classroom teacher, technology coordinator, and now a school administrator, I have been working for almost 20 years helping students achieve success. For the past 11 years as a school library system director in western NY, my role has expanded to helping teachers achieve success as well. For the past two years, I have been working to develop a broader effort at Play Play Learn to share beyond my member school districts.

Building on 8 years of an amazing regional library of curriculum-aligned tabletop games, I will be sharing best practices and suggestions for the adoption of games as a key instructional resource in schools, libraries, and home school programs.

This isn't about playing games in classrooms, rather about using games as another type of curriculum-aligned instructional resource. The goal is to create systemic adoption of gaming, not just some teachers who get it and use games. To that end, I have focused on curriculum design, integration, and instructional practices. I am speaking not only to teachers and librarians, but also principals and superintendents. I just had a high school principal call me on Monday about creating a whole elective to run in the library built around tabletop games for critical thinking!

All of this has been written up in my book series, Teaching Through Games available from Rosen Publishing. Rosen is a 2nd generation K-12 publisher widely respected in the field; the CEO, Roger Rosen travelled with me to Essen to immerse himself in gaming as we started this collaboration 2 years ago. He gets this space, and is very excited about supporting gaming and learning.

Workshop Resources: 
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