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why use games for learning?

We aren't "playing games" in school, we are using tabletop games as curriculum-aligned instructional resources that can be manipulated by expert teachers to create intentional learning experiences. That is the secret of PlayPlayLearn.

Unplugged activites for future coders

And now for a bit of Instructional Technology Computer Science Computational Thinking

Build your algorithm skills

From simple applications to the largest networks, algorithms drive computer science.

Build Your computational thinking skills

The activities in this book don't need a computer, but will build computational thinkers.

Build your UX and UI Design Skills

Though code is what makes software run, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) make it a work.

Build Your Computer Security Skills

While technology has made our lives easier and more convenient, it also opens us up to new security risks.

Build your debugging skills

A single error in a line of code can cause a computer program to go haywire, so be ready to fix problems!

Game-Based and unplugged activities inside

The books include printable games and directions for working through pen-and-paper activities.

Teaching through games

professional books and lessons on play-based learning

Teaching the American Revolution Through Play

Teaching the Underground Railroad Through Play

Teaching Financial Literacy Through Play

Teaching Programming Concepts Through Play

Teaching Secondary Science Through Play

Teaching Through Games – The Dice Tower Reviews