Feed the Woozle

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A silly monster is very hungry for some vile and gross food, and it is up to the players to work together to feed him! Each turn, players roll a die and pick out the appropriate number of yucky food tokens, placing them onto a large plastic spoon and delivering them into the hungry Woozle’s mouth which is placed across the room.  Feed the Woozle includes a rule set that allows the game to scales from toddler age  up until early elementary.

At the very youngest ages, players simply place the tokens onto the spoon, balancing them while they make their across to the Woozle. After mastering this, next they can deliver the food _ — _ still balancing it on the spoon _ — _ while doing a number of fun and silly gross motor movements including: hopping, hula, walking backwards and just plain going crazy. The final step draws in the other players and adds in directional awareness, as the delivering player must keep their eyes closed while the rest of the group guides them to the hungry monster.

Feed the Woozle knows its target and delivers with handfuls of silly fun. Players delight in getting to feed spider-egg pudding and bathwater soda to the Woozle while also strengthening and developing their coordination and gross motor skills. While the game states it only plays up to five, that number is loose; the game could be modified for use by a larger group or a whole class by introducing a few extra spoons and breaking the students into teams.